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Gregory Besharov


Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Cornell University
404 Uris Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-3901
Tel: 607-255-6314
Fax: 607-255-2818
Email: gb293{at}


Econ 1120 Introductory Macroeconomics

Analysis of aggregate economic activity in relation to the level, stability, and growth of national income. Topics may include the determination and effects of unemployment, inflation, balance of payments, deficits, and economic development, and how these may be influenced by monetary, fiscal, and other policies.

Recent Syllabus and Evaluations.


Econ 3030 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (formerly Econ 3130)

Prerequisites: ECON 1110-ECON 1120 and calculus.

The pricing processes in a private enterprise economy are analyzed under varying competitive conditions, and their role in the allocation of resources and the functional distribution of national income is considered.

Recent Syllabus and Evaluations.


Econ 4210 Money and Credit (formerly Econ 3310)

Prerequisites: ECON 1110-ECON 1120 and ECON 3040 (formerly 3140).

A systematic treatment of the determinants of the money supply and the volume of credit. Economic analysis of credit markets and financial institutions in the United States.

Recent Syllabus and Evaluations.


Econ 4220 Financial Economics (formerly Econ 3330)

Prerequisites: ECON 3030 (formerly 3130) and ECON 3040 (formerly 3140).

Examines the theory and decision making in the presence of uncertainty and the practical aspects of particular asset markets.

Recent Syllabus and Evaluations.


Econ 4510 International Trade Theory and Policy (formerly Econ 3610)

Prerequisites: ECON 1110-ECON 1120 and ECON 3030 (formerly 3130). .

Surveys the sources of comparative advantage. Studies commercial policy and analyzes the welfare economics of trade between countries. Some attention is paid to the institutional aspects of the world trading system.

Recent Syllabus and Evaluations.


Econ 4990-4991 Honors Program

Please refer to the Opportunities for Research web page.


NBA 4120 Equity Investment Analysis

Equity Investment Analysis is a seminar intended for advanced undergraduates interested in practical equity investment. Students will learn about factors such as valuation, competitive position, management quality, catalysts and sentiment. Each class meeting will involve an instructor lecture on a skill required in analyzing companies followed by an in-class analysis of a specific topical company by the entire class. The course will culminate in company stock pitches by student teams at the last class meeting.

This course is no longer offered. Syllabus.